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The foundation sponsors training scholarships for merchant seamen, his wife’s biography said. In just three years, Elaine had managed to get herself out of banking and into a position in the Executive branch of the US government. And he attended the dedication in 2016 of a building at the Harvard Business School named after Ms. Chao’s mother. In 1990, Elaine Chao was introduced to Mitch McConnell, senator since 1985, divorced since 1980. In all, from 1989 through 2018, 13 members of the extended Chao family gave a combined $1.66 million to Republican candidates and committees, including $1.1 million to Mr. McConnell and political action committees tied to him, according to F.E.C. The two former schoolmates would meet at least five more times during Mr. Jiang’s tenure as general secretary, according to a review of publicly available documents. They married in 1993 and traveled with James Chao to Beijing to meet up with an old family friend, Jiang Zemin, now President Jiang Zemin of the People’s Republic of China. He is rewarded with $200 million in Russian investment in Kentucky, which it just so happens, allows his wife to make a profit on some investments that she was supposed to have divested when she joined the Trump administration but did not. “I’m proud to have had the support of my family over the years,” Mr. McConnell said in a statement. For the last two years, the Bao May has repeatedly made the round-tip journey between China and ports in Brazil and Canada. She said the company never borrowed — “not even close” — $300 million, a figure she had not previously heard. Sign the petition: Pledge to continue Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy of fighting for women’s rights. A schoolmate was Mr. Jiang, who stayed in China after the Communist victory and ultimately became president. Anti-corruption expert Kathleen Clark from Washington University in St. Louis tells the Times that the Chao family’s financial ties to the government of a country designated a strategic rival “raises a question about whether those familial and financial ties affect Chao when she exercises judgment or gives advice on foreign and national security policy matters that involve China.”. “My family are patriotic Americans who have led purpose-driven lives and contributed much to this country. In November 2017, she met for lunch at her office with Ma Jing, then the top official in the United States for CGTN, the China state television network. Angela Chao said in the interview that she was already planning to be in Beijing to attend a Bank of China board meeting, and that her husband, the investor Jim Breyer, also had business in the Chinese capital. The shipments feed China’s industrial engine, especially its steel mills, whose products are part of an escalating trade dispute between China and the United States. That same year, she was granted an honorary professorship at Fudan University, and in 2010, she was awarded an honorary doctorate from Jiao Tong University. It registers its ships in Liberia and Hong Kong and owns them through companies in the Marshall Islands. The original trip had been described by the department as a “bilateral meeting” with Ms. Chao’s Chinese counterpart to discuss disaster response, infrastructure and related subjects. When in session, the senate week is... Monday to Thursday. After saying how we needed to come up with “new and innovative ways” to revamp our country’s infrastructure, Chao said. Ms. Collins added that the driving force behind these cuts had been the White House, not Ms. Chao, whom the senator called a “strong advocate” for the maritime program. Elaine Chao has boosted the profile of her family’s shipping company, which benefits from industrial policies in China that are roiling the Trump administration. The Transportation Department spokesman said Ms. Chao did not know anything about the venture. That friendship was destined to have a significant effect on American politics. Chao, who is also the wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), has been the subject of intense criticism over the years due to the deep financial ties between her family’s shipping business and China’s communist regime. Now, Ms. Chao is the top Trump official overseeing the American shipping industry, which is in steep decline and overshadowed by its Chinese competitors. That makes the Chaos stand out on both sides of the Pacific, with sterling political connections going to the pinnacle of power in the world’s two biggest economies. But she and her husband, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, have received millions of … David H. Rank, another State Department official, learned of the matter after he stepped down as deputy chief of mission in Beijing earlier in 2017. “We have a secretary who comes from the maritime industry — and that has translated into an understanding of the importance of the maritime academies,” said Jerry Achenbach, superintendent of the Great Lakes Maritime Academy in Michigan. But that omission niggled at me; there were facts here that I felt were germane to the big picture even though I couldn’t pin them down with definite conclusions. His father-in-law has given the couple millions of dollars. The investment, not previously reported, was held by a Panamanian company. The occasion was her 2017 confirmation; the channel was Fox and the show was Sean Hannity’s. In 1996, Elaine Chao became a Distinguished Fellow with The Heritage Foundation, the same year they opened an office in Hong Kong. “The family business is not in U.S.-flag shipping,” he said. The agency spokesman would not say what class Ms. Chao flew in, only that the ticket was booked in economy. “Several reports indicate that you have used your official position to benefit Foremost Group, a shipping company owned by your father and sisters that is headquartered in New York and operates a fleet that transports materials to and from China.”. And her father accompanied her on at least one trip that she took as labor secretary, in 2008, sitting in on meetings, including with China’s premier, one of the country’s top officials. Satellite imagery: Google Earth. “We are committed to continuing to build ships in China,” Angela Chao said at the Harvard Club announcement, which was attended by the top official in China’s New York consulate. James Chao was not made available for an interview; a representative of the company received written questions from The Times two weeks ago, and the company responded with a fact sheet on Friday. “We are an international shipping company, and I’m an American,” she said, adding, “I don’t think that, if I didn’t have a Chinese face, there would be any of this focus on China.”. The spokesman said that there was no link between Ms. Chao’s actions as secretary and her family’s business interests in China. The email, with the subject “ethics question,” had come from Evan T. Felsing, a senior economic officer for the State Department in Shanghai. It should’ve been a pleasant few minutes with softball questions and lots of smiling. [Read about how The Times decides what to investigate.]. Sometime in the month following her confirmation as Secretary of Labor, an earnest investigative reporter discovered that Chao had failed to list Multacom in official disclosure documents filed before taking up her role in the Bush-2 cabinet. Elaine Chao’s father, James Si-Cheng Chao, was born and raised in China. Its loans often come with lower interest rates and more generous repayment schedules than those made through some commercial lenders. David Popp, a spokesman for Mr. McConnell, said the gift from Mr. Chao was in honor of Elaine Chao’s mother. In one video he describes talking with Trump on Air Force One. “The trade routes are completely different; the ships are completely different.”. Mr. Chao left for the United States in 1958, but a thaw in relations sparked by President Richard M. Nixon drew him back to his homeland in 1972, the first of a flurry of trips that established him as a successful member of the Chinese diaspora. A McConnell-aligned super PAC has aired about $1.3 million in negative ads against Blankenship. The nearly 6,000-word Times article begins by recounting an urgent email sent to the State Department in 2017 by an official at the American embassy in Beijing. A request to include family members at events raised ethical concerns. Here are five takeaways.]. In a rarity for foreigners, Angela and James Chao have served on the board of the holding company for China State Shipbuilding, a state-owned enterprise that makes ships for the Chinese military, along with Foremost and other customers. What McConnell lacked, Elaine Chao had in abundance. The Saudis are keen. The now-defunct company targeted the Chinese military for sales of some of its gear, and a principal partner was a state-owned factory under the Ministry of Electronics Industry, which was led at the time by Mr. Jiang, according to corporate documents and a former employee. One opponent of the cuts has been Representative Alan Lowenthal, a California Democrat whose district includes one of the nation’s largest cargo ports. Mr. Felsing, now based in India, declined to comment. “We were around and we were well respected well before Elaine was in anything. 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