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france vs germany military

Both France and Germany track their history back to the time of Charlemagne, whose vast empire included most of the area of both modern-day France and Germany – as well as the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, and northern Italy.. Military power of France & Turkey. France has a significantly more powerful military at the moment.

Many of those wars would be waged against France.Most historians consider a united Germany (which was created under the King of Prussia in 1871), as the successor state to the old Kingdom of Prussia. Under the Treaty of Versailles imposed on Berlin in the first ten years after the war, Germany was restricted to no more than 100,000 soldiers, one hundred ‘search and rescue’ aircraft and no armored vehicles. From the point (in 1701) where Prussia became an officially recognized Kingdom, and therefore a diplomatic and military power among the other nations of Europe, Prussia engaged in numerous wars. Map of the world. Country: Italy (IT) France (FR) Capital: Rome: Paris: Population: 60 795 612: 67 013 000: Area: 301 338 km 2: 640 679 km 2: More: Italy military forces description: France military forces description: Military expenditures. France Budget: 55.7 billion Personnel: 208,916 * France maintains one of the world’s few blue water navies. Ignoring the geopolitical consequences of this: France. Show map. Italy vs France. Country: France (FR) United Kingdom (GB) Capital: Paris: London: Population: 67 013 000: 65 110 000: Area: 640 679 km 2: 242 495 km 2: More: France military forces description: United Kingdom military forces description: Military expenditures. Germany is more in the “sleeping giant” phase at this point. Show map. Map of the world. Up until the collapse of the French armed forces in 1940, they had been known as – including by the Germans – the military leaders of Europe. France United Kingdom.

The second list presents this as a share of the general government expenditure. Map of the world.

Italy France. Show map. France vs United Kingdom. Germany’s military is a complete mess. France vs Turkey. This first list is a list of countries by military expenditure share of GDP—more specifically, a list of the top 15 countries by percentage share in recent years—the amount spent by a nation on its military as a share of its GDP.. Country: France (FR) Turkey (TR) Capital: Paris: Ankara: Population: 67 013 000: 79 814 871: Area: 640 679 km 2: 783 562 km 2: More: France military forces description: Turkey military forces description: France Turkey.

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