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The truth is that Demonic influence can come in the midst of everyday, ordinary Religion and Rebellion. What tension do you experience coming down the mountain? Much of the time what we look at as Demonic we also think of as Demonstrative……. "THE GOSPEL OF MARK" Jesus Heals A Deaf-Mute Boy (9:14-29) INTRODUCTION 1. Frail Faith Unexpected: Mark 9:14-29 Debrief offers an abridged outline of the Sunday sermon for individuals or Community Groups alike, to re-engage the content of the Sunday sermon. The bottom line this morning is that EVERYONE has Frail faith…….BUT Jesus is faithful despite our frail faith. Do you sense you are trusting someone or something else more than Jesus? In Matthew 17, Jesus tells the disciples they couldn’t cast out the demon because they didn’t have enough faith, not even the size of a mustard seed. 2. He didn’t allow them to see this as a justifiable shortcoming…….He includes the Disciples in His public rebuke. While up on the mountain a large crowd gathered around the oth… Jesus can be Righteously Annoyed with His Disciples, while at the same time not loosing one once of Affection for them. Failure can make us bitter or it may make us better. What kid of counsel did you give them? (“If you can.....”). When was the last time someone came to you with their sin, sadness and/or suffering. Have you been ‘drinking’ at the wrong fount? When we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself…… - 2 Timothy 2:13, “Everything is possible for him who believes.”. They forgot to do the most foundational, the most essential thing. At the end of the day, the goal here is to get you and me to trust in something or someone else other than Jesus, This community has tried, for the entire life of this boy, solve this problem through their best thinking (Rebellion) and through sprituality (Religion),  but they can’t. My hope is that these simple exercises in The 60 will help what we discovered during this week be distilled, and deepened in your heart and life with Jesus. BUT, they’re relying on their own Prowice and Power to do it. A sermon on Mark 9:14-29 regarding the confrontation of the demonic-satanic in our lives and the power of Jesus to free and cleanse our lives. How does knowing He has not lost an ounce of affection for you despite any annoyance with you make you want to respond to Him. © 2020 The Village Church of Irvine All Rights Reserved Every study on the state of the American family tells the same story. (Mark 9:14–15 ESV) We are allowed to see what was happening with the other nine disciples while Jesus, Peter, James, and John were on the mountain. The Faith of this father was Frail, but he was honest about it, and asked Jesus for help with his unbelief. It can be painful, embarrassing and humiliating. We come down from the vision of glory, to a conflict with Satanic possession. | Scripture: Mark 9:14-29, John 12:37, Mark 5:25-29, Mark 11:20-24, Matthew 17:19-20 (view more) (view less) Denomination: Christian/Church Of Christ. Did you pray? Does Jesus have good reason to be annoyed with you? This Dad actually has more Faith at this point then the Disciples do. People who are drunk on Religion and Rebellion will come to you with their sin, saddness and suffering, looking for the help of Jesus. When I was a teenager, I got a job at an ice cream parlor. It’s the interplay between the jounrey INWARD To God and the journey OUTWARD to the world. Surrounded by a multitude, disputing with scribes - ibid. Irvine, CA // Service Times: 8:30 & 10:00 AM. How have you experienced the intoxicating affects of doctrines of Demons, either through religion or rebellion? And when they came to the disciples, they saw a great crowd around them, and scribes arguing with them. The second night, the boss left me alone. Remember your first job? Jesus was really, sincerely disappointed. Families and parenting over the last twenty-five years have followed a radical departure from human history. This is a good example of how far the disciples have to go…….but it’s also an encouragement to remember just how far they will come. Mark 9:14-29 A Father’s Growing Faith . This is saving faith:  Faith in Jesus instead of oneself. Fatherhood is under assault all across America. The Disciples gave them (1) Their Personal Strength and (2) Their Past Success (Mark 6:13) - And they cast out many demons and anointed with oil many who were sick and healed them. This idea of being on the mountain with God and coming down the mountain to be with people is seen throughout the Bible. The emphasis is not on the quantity or quality of our faith, but on the power of the One who we are joined to by faith. “Do not be drunk with wine, but be filled with the Spirit.”  The idea here is that we shouldn’t be under the influence of any other substance…….any other presence other than the indwelling Presence of Jesus by His Holy Spirit. “Faith and the Power of God” Mark 9:14-29 Most of us want to live on the excitement of the highs in our lives. They Forgot to Pray! - It declares our dependence on God, that He is the only one who can Hold us and Help us. And immediately all the crowd, when they saw him, were greatly amazed and ran up to him and greeted him. What does your regular practice of praying and fasting look like? How is Prayer Connected to Faith? The boy in this story is not the only one who has been harrased by demons. Expository Thoughts On Mark - Mark 9:14-29 J.C. Ryle: The contrast between these verses and those which precede them in the chapter is very striking. They tried to cast out a demon without praying. Jesus is Faithful to this Dad and his son despite the faithlessness of his community, himself, and the disciples. For the Discipels, Frail Faith meant Forgetfull Faith. Powered by Church Plant Media, © 2020 The Village Church of Irvine All Rights Reserved, Five Things to Know This Month: February 2019, Five Things to Know This Month: January 2019. How might you be relying more on your personal strengths or past success instead of the Person of Jesus? What will you have to give them? I knew how to scoop a cone, but had no idea how to make anything on the menu. The Disciples are there, the Religious Leaders are there, but this Dad is the only one that admits he doesn’t have what it takes to deal with what’s in front of him. “This is very good news. We can take it … Jesus might be Annoyed with this generation, just like He was annoyed with that generation, but He won’t Abandon us, just like He didn’t Abandon them. Through Jesus we don’t need perfect righteousness, just repentant helplessness, to access the presence [and power] of God.” – Tim Keller; Kings Cross; pg.121). The crowd has been harrased by demons in a way they don’t even see. So they’re excited when Jesus shows up, because they know enough about Him to know that maybe He can. The Danger of Self-Reliance (Mark 9:14-29) Jan 17, 2010 | Mark, Sermons. How do you see your prayer life connected to the vitality of your faith? Was it your best thinking, or what you sense God was saying? Help My Unbelief Mark 9:14-29 Objective: To demonstrate the absolute power of Christ and the necessary belief of man in the power of Christ to experience a miracle of healing. Mark 9:14-29 Introduction: 1) Failure is never fun and defeat is seldom something we take delight in. I think I trained for one night. And our response can be life changing, altering our destiny. This outline is far from complete, but serves to give a track or road map to walk through the content of Sunday in another context during the week The Community in Jesus’ day had drunken their fill of Religion and Rebellion, which are both Demonically Influenced, and were under the influence of, under the control of what they had been metaphorically drinking. But we do see that the Father does have faith, although frail. As Christians, when we need help we are to turn to … On the one hand we have to give some credit to the disciples, that even while Jesus and the leaders of the disciples are on a retreat of sorts, they’re continuing on with the work of the ministry. 5:19). (Acts 3:1-10). Jesus says plainly that the reason they couldn’t do it is because they lacked faith - “Because of your little faith…….” – Matthew 17:20, Little (oligopistia ) = small or young faith; poverty of faith, Jesus makes an unquestionable connection between a lack of prayer and a lack of faith.......between the lack of prayer and a small, young, poor......Frail Faith.......”This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer.”. The Bible says that Religion is Demonically Influenced: (1 Cor.10:20; 1 Tim.4:1), The Bible also says that Rebellion is Demonically Influenced: (1 Jn. Introduction We all need help. Sound familiar? If you consider yourself a Disciple of Jesus, this scenario will be your scenario. How have you seen the community at large around you ‘drunk’ with the doctrine of demons? We pass from the mount of transfiguration to a melancholy history of the work of the devil. Coming down from the mount of transfiguration with His three disciples... a. Jesus finds His other disciples embroiled in controversy - Mk 9:14 b.

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