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hong kong population density

It is estimated that by 2033, 26.8% of the population will be above 65 years, which is an increase of 12.1% from 2005. The resulting adjustment factor is multiplied by each administrative unit census value for the target year. Hong Kong’s population in 1950 was 2.2 million. A negative number means that there are more emigrants than immigrants. The world's most accurate population datasets. The main religions include Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.
Urban Pop % : Urban population as a percentage of total population. Therefore, to boost the population, the government is taking various steps, one of which is to convince people from the Mainland to migrate to Hong Kong. km. At the end of 2017, Hong Kong had 7.392 million living there, ranking it 104th in the world for population. International license. Population Figures: 13 Aug 2020: 18 Feb 2021 : Population Projections: 9 Sep 2020-Women and Men in Hong Kong - Key Statistics: 30 Jul 2020-2016 Population By-census data: 9 Mar 2018-Demographic Trends in Hong Kong: 28 Dec 2017-2016 Population By-census activities: 27 Feb 2017- Due to the low birthrate, the population increase will not be significant over the years. Population density of Hong Kong increased from 3,788.1 people per sq. Find, share and use humanitarian data all in one place.

2016. 12 months ago. For all other years: average annual numerical change over the preceding five year period. Confirmed and recovered cases, deaths, alternative data on economic activities, customer behavior, supply chains, and more. The estimated 250,000 foreign domestic workers mostly come from the Philippines and Indonesia. Yearly Change: For 2019: absolute change in total population (increase or decrease in number of people) over the last year (from July 1, 2018 to June 30 2019). For forecasted years, the U.N. medium-fertility variant is used. It is not visible to anyone outside of your organisation.

That said, a few of China's cities make the list of the top 30 most densely populated cities in the world, although most on the list are in India, the Philippines, France, and other countries. Okay to continue The resulting maps are the most detailed and actionable tools available for aid and research organizations. We have provided a few examples below that you can copy and paste to your site: Your image export is now complete. Formula: ([Population ages 0-15] ÷ [Population ages 16-64]) × 100, Elderly dependency ratio Definition: population ages 65-plus divided by the population ages 16-64.Formula: ([Population ages 65-plus] ÷ [Population ages 16-64]) × 100, Total dependency ratio Definition: sum of the youth and old-age ratios. 1 301 km 2. Elaboration of data by United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division.

Basic Income: A Way Out of Poverty in a Time of Pandemic or Utopia, Justice Ginsburg's Fight for Gender Quality Yet Unfulfilled. Curated by Knoema’s data analysts to deliver leading short-term and long-term indicators and forecasts from trusted sources for each of the covered industries. km in 2018 growing at an average annual rate of 1.30%. The description is composed by our digital data assistant. The population density of Hong Kong as a country is 6777 people per square kilometer. A few catastrophic events, for example, surges, storms, and starvation prompted numerous individuals moving to Hong Kong to get away from the problems. These statistics are primarily based on data collected in the General Household Survey during January to December 2019, covering the land-based non-institutional population of Hong Kong (which constitutes some 99% of the Hong Kong Resident Population).
In 2018, population density for Hong Kong was 7,096.2 people per sq. Youth Dependency Ratio Definition: population ages 0-15 divided by the population ages 16-64. Hong Kong: High Resolution Population Density Maps + Demographic Estimates The world's most accurate population datasets. US Election 2020 Forecast: Anyone's Guess? Because Hong Kong is a territory of China, the largest cities within Hong Kong are technically the same as the largest cities in China. Accessed DAY MONTH YEAR. Population density is midyear population divided by land area in square kilometers.

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