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inland spousal sponsorship canada processing time

CanadaVisa.com | 1303 Greene Ave., Suite 200|Westmount, Montreal, QC, Canada|H3Z 2A7, © Copyright 2020 CanadaVisa.com. IRCC aims to process applications submitted through this program within 12 months. Spousal/Common-Law Sponsorship Canadian immigration program. A full list can be found at the end of this article. However, in such an instance it is at the discretion of Canadian immigration authorities as to whether the sponsored person may re-enter Canada during the process; it is also at their discretion as to whether the application may continue to be processed if the sponsored person leaves Canada during the process. MIDI (QUEBEC)'s Processing Time. Outland spouse sponsorship Canada processing time. Required fields are marked *. This factor may have the effect of further reducing application processing times. This year, the Spousal Sponsorship Processing Time to Canada for both inland and Outland has an average of Twelve (12) months. An Average Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Visa Processing Time. Kindly reply. On the one hand, reduced Outland processing times means that couples may be reunited with permanent resident status sooner, allowing them to build their lives, careers, and families in Canada with more confidence that their long-term future here is secure. Outland applications are processed through the visa office that serves the applicant’s country of origin, or where they have been lawfully admitted for at least one year. “For most individuals and couples who realistically only have the Outland option, reduced processing times are a huge bonus. Canada to re-open parents and grandparents immigration program October 13. The Spousal Sponsorship program is a subsection of the Family Class immigration category, under which a Canadian or permanent resident may sponsor his or her spouse/common-law partner for Canadian permanent residence. Canada to speed up spousal sponsorship application processing Canada aims to process 6,000 spousal sponsorship applications per month between October and December 2020. Express Entry: Canada invites 4,500 to apply for permanent residence, Canada has now issued 82,850 ITAs this year, Parents and Grandparents Program 2020 is now open, Now is the time to apply to sponsor your parents and grandparents to come to Canada, The benefits of Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Program. Express Entry: Canada holds biggest draw ever. Moreover, in many cases it may allow sponsored persons to obtain Canadian permanent residence sooner than was previously the case — a factor that will come as a great relief to many Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and their foreign spouses and common-law partners who wish to be reunited in Canada as quickly as possible. Therefore, I would advise Canadian citizens and permanent residents, and their spouses and common-law partners, to prepare an application sooner rather than later. You can check General processing times at for IRCC (Federal) & MIDI (Quebec) here. “For individuals who have the option of choosing the Outland or Inland route, both options now present more advantages than previously. It should be noted that, though the processing times are now published in a different way (by country), eligibility criteria for the program remains the same. invites 417 PNP candidates to apply for a provincial nomination. About Outland Spousal/Common-Law Sponsorship. I would like to know the time duration for us to get the visa. For many other countries, the processing time is around one year or slightly longer. CanadaVisa is here for you. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program invited candidates from five immigration sub-categories. If anybody knows the duration, kindly reply. For example, if you’re currently a visitor in Canada and your spouse or common-law partner is a low-skilled worker, you may need to apply on paper. My wife (Indian) is in Canada since Feb – 2015 and she’s a PR(Permanent Resident). Instead of being listed by visa office, a single figure (in months) was given. Canada's ministers for immigration, health, and public safety announced new travel measures for families and students on Friday, October 2nd. The downside to the Inland route is that applications typically take longer to process. Inland vs Outland. Are you in PR status now? Stay up to date with the latest news on Canadian Immigration. Now, processing times are listed by individual countries where the application is being made. In general, inland spousal sponsorship processing time takes approximately 12 months to complete. Myself and my Daughter living in India. In contrast to Outland applications (where the spouse is residing outside Canada), the person being sponsored through the Inland route may be eligible for an Open Work Permit while his or her application is being processed. This modification allows couples in a relationship to make better decisions on which sponsorship program to apply to: Inland or Outland. Spousal sponsorship changes: Processing times overview This infographic shows the spousal sponsorship program processing times, in months, from inside and outside Canada. undergo a medical examination prior to submitting the application (results are valid for 12 months); pass criminal and security verifications; obtain a passport and, in some countries, an exit visa; and. All Rights Reserved. ... Canada Spousal Sponsorship 2018 / 2020. We might apply for spouse and children dependent visa by feb – 2017. Here’s a summary of the most important headlines from this week. BACK. The processing time for couples outside the country varies depending on the consulate to which they apply, but wait times of two years are common. Home. At the time of writing, according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC, formerly CIC), total processing times for Inland Spousal/Common-Law Sponsorship is 26 months. It is, however, important to note that this average processing time can’t be … The federal government has released entry requirements for extended family members and people travelling to Canada for compassionate reasons. In March of this year, the new Liberal government of Canada announced in its Immigration Levels Plan that it intends to increase the number of new permanent residents who arrive in Canada through the Family Class category, including spouses and common-law partners. Additionally, if the sponsored person leaves Canada at any point while the application is being processed, there is no guarantee that he or she will be allowed to re-enter Canada, especially if he or she requires a visitor visa. Your email address will not be published. Individuals looking to sponsor their parents and/or grandparents were able to submit their expressions of interests on January 28 during a brief reopening of the Interest to Sponsor Form.

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