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Starring: Kotaro Daigo, Nana Mori, Tsubasa Honda, Shun Oguri, Sakura Kiryu House of 1000 Corpses Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma: The Second Plate Rebuilding Paradise lets the people who experienced the fire come to grips with it on their own terms, at their own pace. Half & Half: Season 4 While it may not be especially original, Master Z delivers everything martial-arts fans want. (2015), 79% (2005), - - Opening on: February 7, 2020. (2004), 85% This film will be based more on the second book by author Hugh Lofting, and it will co-star Antonio Banderas and Michael Sheen, with the voices of Tom Holland, Marion Cotillard, Selena Gomez, John Cena, Emma Thompson, and more. Go! Opening on: September 3, 2020 (formerly August 12, 2020). (2020), 93% Starring: Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, John Ratzenberger, Daveed Diggs Originally scheduled for a July release, the film will now open in 70 markets worldwide on August 26 and in select theaters in the US on Labor Day weekend. So far, big names like Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, Annette Bening, Letitia Wright, and Rose Leslie have joined the whodunit. Starring: Frances McDormand, David Strathairn Marvel stars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt lend their voices to Pixar’s latest film, a fantasy adventure set in a contemporary world filled with magical creatures about a pair of elf brothers who set off on a road trip — with the reanimated lower extremities of their deceased father — to discover if there is any real magic left to be found. Description: From The Haunting of Hill House creator Mike Flanagan and producer Trevor Macy comes the next highly anticipated chapter of The Haunting anthology series, set in 1980s England. Opening on: December 25, 2020 on Disney+ (formerly November 20, 2020). Directed by: Makoto Shinkai Hubie Halloween An updated trailer featuring a redesigned Sonic that was released in November of 2019 was met with wholehearted approval from fans, so here’s hoping the rest of the film is up to snuff. Along Came a Spider The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (2019), 95% The Gentlemen (2020) 75% Directed by: Kenneth Branagh Understated account of an elderly drug runner for the Mexican cartels. Blumhouse has decided to twist the concept into one of its horror offerings to bring it to the big screen, as this adaptation centers on a group of guests whose fantasies spiral out of control dangerously, and they must figure out how to survive. Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae star in this romantic comedy about a couple on the verge of a break-up who become embroiled in a murder mystery and must work together to clear their name. We do know from the film’s synopsis that it centers on a successful writer played by Janell Monáe who becomes trapped in some sort of alternate reality — possibly one set in the slavery-era American South — and must figure out a way to break free.

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We firmly believe- “They alone live who live for the others – SWAMI VIVEKANANDA”

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