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I have also experience lately a bubbly sensation with the cup when im in the bathroom or when i move a alot and also sometimes is hard for me to pee or i feel like i have not finish. I can understand your frustration . Some of them are on the softer side. Second, I’m also happy to hear that you didn’t go too extreme – firmness/shape – when you chose your second cup. I have not had consistent luck with all of them except for one which I only use before bed. While there are some higher capacity cups, not all of them will be short enough to accommodate your anatomy. You might be able to recoup some funds back if you have more than one that you don’t need. I hope that one of them sparks your interest. This way, they won’t get in the way when placing the cup. Double check again, just incase. Capacity to the Rim – 27ml, MyCup (NZ) – Even the larger size is a bit shorter than the Diva, but the diameter is quite a bit wider.

Just follow 8 simple questions and see all menstrual cups that best match your needs. Okay, so those were my suggestions. It is not rough on my bladder or anything, but I’d like something a little softer. and holds a really good capacity – medium 36ml & large 40ml.

Menstrual cups with Medium Capacity » I have the most success with this one and use it almost every night while I have my period. Hello, wow this is incredible – feel amazingly lucky to have stumbled across this site. These sanitary cups has been designed to be a easy to clean and a comfortable to wear menstrual cup. w/o Stem – 55mm Like everything else in life, it may take some time and practice to learn how to use a menstrual cup correctly.

Choosing your first menstrual cup can be a daunting task with so many choices available on the market .This article will cover EVERYTHING there is to know about choosing a menstrual cup. The only cups that are specifically designed for use during ‘sexy’ times are the DISCs…as you already mentioned the Flex Fits Cup. It still might be fine since it will sit differently and the pressure might be applied to an area that is not as sensitive. Total Length – 77mm It may also allow your cervix to sit deeper into the cup and compromise the capacity if you have a moderate to heavy flow. w/o the Stem – 58mm A bell-shaped cup with a standard rim may migrate up a little more not as much as one with a flared rim. The air holes are on the larger side and seem to make it easier (at least for me) to release any seal/suction that the cup has created. Instructions. The Yuuki Classic is one of the firmest cups on the market. The stem is short and can be trimmed if needed. Do you think the Ruby Cup in M would also be a good option for me? Then, about two years ago, it suddenly started putting pressure on my bladder and making peeing slow. Super Jennie (small or large) Please Suggest?? The Fezy Menstrual Cup is soft, flexible and easy to fold to insert and has enough spring to pop up easily after insertion. ———–, LaliCup Large –

A couple of cups to check out are the small EvaCup (USA) and the small Venus Cup.

Several small-sized cups may be short enough to be comfortable, including “V”-shaped ones but might not have the capacity you seek.

I was very happy but now i am having some issues i feel like the cup moves or i can push it down very easy, and for the past four months on my first two days of my period i am having mayor leaks.

and if so, which do you recommend? With the stems intact they are 70 mm in length and they can be trimmed easily if you still feel the same irritation. It seems similar in size to the medium LaliCup. The Yuuki “Soft” is actually their medium firmness and compares as such to other cups on the market – medium/average firmness. Keep your menstrual cup clean and sterilized by using the right products.

I would normally suggest getting familiar with the length of the strings and checking them periodically, but as you already have a hard time locating them, this is useless. For many other filtering and sorting options These sanitary cups has been designed to be a easy to clean and a comfortable to wear menstrual cup. It may take some finesse to work out how to get the softer cup to open up since a very firm cup normally opens on its own. This cup is very similar in shape to the Diva Cup but is a little longer in the body. Merula Original or XL For someone with a medium to a low cervix, a bell-shaped cup and/or one with a flared rim might be the ticket. With the information that you have provided, I would suggest something on the longer side or more “V”-shaped. Here’s a few cups that might interest you (in no particular order): Super Jennie – small: This is the shortest cup in this group. I’m thinking to use a menstrual cup. If you have any additional questions about any or all of these cups, I’ll do my best to shed some light on them. Before I suggest a couple of cups that might be more comfortable and have the capacity that you’re hoping for, can you tell me if the large Lena sat comfortably as in length? The Fezy Menstrual Cup is a silicon period cup made from soft medical grade silicone. But I decided that instead I need to switch to something softer, so now I am thinking about Si-Bell cup. So glad I found your site/reviews! I’m so happy to hear that you’re about to buy your first cup! The info that came with the cup said to leave at least 1/4″ of stem as well, though, I don’t actually use the stem to remove it; I find it easier to squeeze the bottom and pull. w/o Stem – 56mm

These topics and more can be found at Tieut Cup (large) So, those are my suggestions. But I wonder if I should also pay attention to the size or length of the cup and buy smth smaller/shorter (I was anyways using small sizes). However, a menstrual cup may [...], The use of a menstrual cup involves a few essential actions to keep your cup clean and protect your body [...], The Vivacup is placed in your vagina and collects your flow during your periods. w/o Stem – 45mm This cup design can be found under different names. Can I trim the stem? Except for a handful, almost any other small size cup in another brand is going to be shorter than that.

I feel like a may need to change it especially one for my heavy days but i am not sure which one will be the right for me. Browse other questions that have been asked or submit a new one. This menstrual cup is made from high quality, 100% waterproof, super soft, medical grade silicon.

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